Top 5 Luxury Things to do in Miami

Living in luxury has never been easier than right here, right now! Bonjour everyone!

Everyone who visits Miami will see the potential luxurious things to do. We all want to have those shiny objects, that’s for sure. However, we want to make a top five list of luxury things to do in Miami, so whoever is visiting our amazing city can plan ahead and have some real fun.

Before we hit the top 5 list, the first thing you should do if you live the high life, is hire a trip planner. Just make sure they are from Miami, so you have someone that knows all the ins and outs of things to do. Then, just follow their guide. They do this for a living and all you need to do is trust them and follow the itinerary.

Is everyone ready for the top 5 luxury things to do in Miami? Where we come from (France) we always use our polite manners and say, “S’il vous plait.” That means please in the French language, in case you were wondering.

luxury private yacht charter in miami

Our Top Five List

#1: Rent a Yacht for the Day

If you are planning a big visit to this wonderful and beautiful city, there is no better way to view it than from the ocean! The views are incredible and to sit back, relax and enjoy those views on a luxurious mega yacht – that’s living! If you’re visiting, make sure to plan a luxury private yacht charter in Miami Florida. Yachts are a great way to see the sights in comfort and privacy!

#2: Super Spa Time

If you like spas, Miami is for you! There are so many amazingly luxurious spas in and around the city that your head will be spinning sideways. Well, maybe not a full spin, but it will leave anyone impressed. There are five-star beauty salons, such as the award winning Mandarin Oriental. Everyone that has rolled through here has rated it five stars and you will too.

#3: Boat Tour Adventure

Like luxury yachts, boat tours are also a great way to live in luxury. You can sail past Fisher Island and watch luxury cruises leaving the Port of Miami. Not to mention, most of these boats are prime-time living and an amazing experience to say the least.

boat tours

#4: Exclusive Golfing

Some of the nicest golf courses reside right here, in South Florida. Green, lush grass cut to perfection will have your ball rolling so smooth on the greens. Experience breathtaking views and world class services.

luxury golfing in miami

#5: Casino Cruises

Are you feeling lucky? Good, because these casino cruises are to die for. Seriously, if you haven’t been on a casino cruise, then it’s about time to book it. It’s almost like Vegas life, but much sweater (our humbled opinion of course)! Who knows, you may be able to hit the jackpot if you spin the reels!

That’s our top five list of luxury things to do in Miami. Be sure to come back for more hot topics and fun things to do from our team here at France Miami! We can’t wait to hear all of your awesome stories and we hope you have a great visit, trip or vacation. Most importantly, live in luxury!

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