EFF- France Miami 



Saturday Classes - L' Ecole du Samedi

EFF organizes classes on Saturday morning at the Miami Downtown Charter School for French native students and  non- French speaking students.

The classes take place from 10:00AM to 12:30PM inside the Charter School  in a very creative and safe environment.  We have multiple levels of classes. 

The group 4-6 years old learn through games, songs and arts and crafts and are able to discover the French language and its culture via complete immersion.

The group 6-12 years old is split by age group and reading levels following French education methodology to learn both grammar and conjugation via the Ratus methods 

Both groups are involved in 2 school projects every trimester:  the preparation of the school magazine published 2 times a year and the school show presented at the end of each terms.

All of our teachers are French and also teach in the French Programs in Miami and Broward School (Sunset Elementary, Coconut Grove Elementary and ISB)

Session starts on  9/9/2017  Click here to Register

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